Saturday, 14 August 2010


All kittens have now gone to their new homes. After meeting the families collecting them I am more than happy that they will all lead charmed lives with their every want catered for! I was a bit sad to see them go, especially Charlie, but it's also a lot easier to move around the house without the fast moving kittens and there is also no clearing up of pee!! We still have to clean the room thoroughly - which I will do today - and I have said we'll be ready for more tomorrow.

We went to look at a pen for the garden on Tuesday. It is quite big but will fit quite nicely at the end of the garden. We want to continue fostering but would really like to move it outside so hopefully we'll have a pen within the next few months!

Other than the fact I can't hear properly - think water went into my ear in the shower and won't come out - I am feeling quite tired at the moment. Not sure what that's all about...... Managing fine at work but home life is suffering a bit. I was in bed a 20:30 with a headache last night. Fell asleep snuggling on B and after he went back downstairs was asleep 10 mins later..... Ah well, hopefully that means I'll have a good day today and B is cooking a nice meal this evening so want to be good for that as well ;0)

Oh, nearly forgot, we have raised mass murderers, after Whisky's exploits at the weekend Pepsi took up the mantle on Wednesday morning. Fortunately I had already gone to work but B noticed she was making a lot of noise when he was in the bathroom, stuck his head out of the window and she was on the door step with a bird in her mouth...... Thursday morning B was in the kitchen and she wandered in with a bluetit in her mouth...... Where did we go wrong....??!!

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