Monday, 1 October 2007

Now a weeks leave!!!

Following my week off work sick my vision is starting to get better. I drove for the first time since last Sunday yesterday (6 days!!) and hardly noticed the fact that my vision isn't 100%. I've been getting around 10 hours sleep a night and have done very little! I went for a walk on Thursday down to the shops, out for about an hour and a half but shopping in between. Was extremely tired that evening.......!!

S rang after speaking to my neuro, she said that the fact the pain has gone means that it should be getting better so no steroids - which I am pleased about. The decision being taken out of my hands was the ideal thing to happen! She wants to see me in clinic in a couple of weeks time, not sure why, we will see!!

B and I had a BBQ for friends Sat night. Nothing special just a few friends, some BBQ food and a few drinks. Everyone left before midnight so was a quiet evening!!

So this week while I am on leave I will be continuing the theme from last week! Doing very little, hair cut and seeing my parents, Drs appt, band rehersal and hopefully an indian meal and catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while!

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mdmhvonpa said...

Optical Neuritis takes a bit to 'go away'. I had it several years back and I've not fully recovered all my vision. Prompt treatment is the key, unfortunately. Unfortunate in that we rarely get the promptness because we need to explain to people that we are going blind because of MS and those front desk clerks cannot wrap their heads around that.