Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Gave in.

So on Saturday morning I drove round to my flat and thought, I really shouldn't be driving. I drove again Sunday afternoon and thought the same, therefore Sunday evening I bit the bullet and called in sick. I have emailed S and she is going to talk to my Neuro and I think I may be offered steroids, I don't really want steroids but then I don't want to be off work for long. The good thing is everyone seems to agree that taking time to get better is a good idea and to continue going to work when I can't see properly through my left eye is a bad idea. I still feel bad about not being at work but I seem to feel much more at peace now I have made that decision and am not worrying about whether I should really be at work.

Went out for lunch with a friend today. She came and picked me up and we had a quick bite in town. I am now finding it more difficult to read without becoming distracted by the fuzzy bit to the left of my vision.... Still it was a nice lunch and I enjoyed catching up with A. She has had plenty to deal with over the last couple of years and things are finally sorting themselves out - I am really really pleased for her!

I am having my flat valued this evening, have to wait for B to get home and take me over there and Mum and Dad are popping over to do a couple of bits as well. Must remember to take some tea, coffee and milk over.

Since our weekend in Bristol B and I have decided that a 'dirty' weekend away would be a really nice idea so we are planning away, hopefully in the near future and within a couple of hours drive away. Can't wait!!

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Anne said...

Hi Victoria: Just a note to tell you that REST is very important - even if you feel you must push yourself to go, go, go. And don't look at it as "giving in" - look at it as well deserved rest. The fatigue we experience is like nothing no one else can say they go through. It is a feeling like dead tired -----that doesn't let up.

Here in the USA we have a law that says that special accommodations must be provided for you to continue in your present job - whether that be tailored hours, frequent breaks, specialized scheduling of days, etc. If your employer knows of your medical, maybe it would be worth looking into to see if you can keep working but with special consideration. Keep us updated, Anne