Friday, 21 September 2007

Together a bit!

Well since my last post I have pulled myself together a bit! Feeling much happier now although still tired and finding work hard. I am wondering whether I need some time off, I don't really want to but I think I might have to take a couple of weeks to myself, just to catch up!

I had a really good weekend in Bristol with B and B's parents. We had did the Bristol Bus Tour in the afternoon and then had a really nice dinner at a place called SevernShed. B raved about his meal so I guess it was really very good. I really enjoyed my dinner but for B to rave!! B's Mum seemed to like her presents and enjoyed her holiday so all in all a 60th Birthday success!! On the Sunday it was the Open Water Event which went well considering! About half the number of people turned up this year but that was to be expected after the July postponement. I was extremely tired afterwards and collapsed in a heap when I got home!

The injections are going well still, have had no problems with side effects or bad injection marks. My relapse is still hanging around, I can cope with the torso still its just annoying but my left eye is becoming a problem. I was single manned last night and had to split another crew so I didn't have to drive. This is one of the reasons I think I may need a week off........

As for work, I have had some good jobs recently and some fairly naff ones. Picked up a lady having an MI last night. She was absolutely fine the whole time she was with us. A little pale to begin with but on oxygen she started to pick up and her pain reduced. We took her straight to the hospital, where we were it wasn't worth waiting for a Paramedic, from arrival at scene to arrival at hospital it was 30 minutes, 36 minutes from call to hospital. Once we arrived at hospital they prepared to Thrombolyse, as they were putting the drug in our pt arrested, causing a major panic (not what I expect from a Cardiac Care Unit), I was asked (well screamed at) to put the crash bleep in, which I did, and after the arrival of a few more staff things started to look more organised and they managed to get a heart beat back.

I have no idea what the outcome was, we had to leave and get back to work. Unfortunately me being me I now wonder what I could have done quicker to get the pt in quicker. We were in the house just over 10 minutes, did the 12 - lead in the back and left, going very quickly, for the hospital.

Still, I will beat myself up for a day then sort myself out. Seem to spend most of my time trying to pull myself together at the moment, ah well, such is life!!

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