Sunday, 2 September 2007

Now on 22!

Well I have been on Rebif, 22 for a week now. I have had no problems that I can attribute to the drug, which is great. I didn't sleep well Monday night but I can't put my finger on why, and I felt ill on Wed, but again I can't put my finger on what was wrong. No problems Wed night and no problems Fri night. I actually injected at work Fri night and worked the remaining 9 hours of my shift without a problem - really hope this continues with the 44!

On the down side I appear to be relapsing again. The left side of my torso is numb between my breast and navel. I didn't expect it so soon after the last one finished but I guess the timescales are right. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the Rebif helps slow them down. I felt pretty bad once I realsised I was numb again. Found it a little 'depressing' and it hit home that yes it is going to keep happening, nothing I can do about it, other than try to keep healthy and take the drugs. I have MS.......

Work is good, I am on my 3rd night shift and surviving! Was on my own Fri night, first time in a long time. Quite enjoyed it really, although I was bored. Still D has been back for these last 2 nights. We are back on our rota on Mon for 2 weeks which will be nice, then over to Windsor for 2 weeks. It is working out well though as I have a couple of extra weekends off! Woo hoo!!

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