Friday, 2 November 2007


I am getting bored at the moment. I know I shouldn't moan but I don't think I have seen an ill person at work in a while........ I have given out some oxygen and entonox but other than that....... Don't get me wrong, I don't wish that people are ill or get in accidents but it is what I am trained to do, highly trained professional me!!! Tee hee!!! ;0)

So I have seen my MS Nurse and Occi Health, nothing much to report from either really. S was interested in this latest relapse and how I was doing emotionally, I let her know what had been happening at work. She wants to see me again in January and I have to have my second lot of bloods done next week sometime. Occi Health did pretty much the same and wrote a report saying that the short shifts are a good idea and that I should have more than one day off between shift blocks, not that the latter will happen, hopefully, cause if it does I'll either have to come off the rota or loose money. They didn't want me to make any decisions about the future yet which was good. I was starting to worry about them saying I shouldn't be doing the job, or that I should be on light duties, you get the point!

Apart from feeling somewhat tired yesterday I seem to be doing quite well! My vision is much much better most of the time but it comes and goes depending on how tired I am, fortunately it doesn't make any difference to my vision unless I close my right eye so I can forget about it for most of the day.

Oh, I have started my appraisal at work. My team leader/supervisor D (the one I was crying on) seems to think I am doing ok and I am a useful member of the team!! He says that my biggest 'problem' is my lack of confidence in myself. I am forever worrying about the decisions I have made and if I make a mistake I beat myself up for ages. I must add that I have, to my knowledge, never made a mistake that led to a poor outcome for a pt. Apparently I am a lot like d when he was still relatively new, I should get better at the self confidence thing then!! Still got quite a bit of the appraisal to go so we will see what he thinks about me over the rest of it!

Thats it........bored bored bored..........

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mdmhvonpa said...

LOL. That's right up there with the undertaker complaining that in spite of the flu season getting underway, business has been lousy!