Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I'm back!!

It's been just over a month since I last posted and quite a bit has happened.... On that basis I may take small chuncks and write smaller posts otherwise I will get board writing and you will get board reading, if anyone ever comes back that is.........

Oh, on a quick aside it was lovely to read that Emma of Me, Myself and MS has had a baby daughter, Ava. Congratulations!!

So to my month. Shortly after my last post, during the night I woke to go to the loo at around 05:00, went back to bed and then heard a cupboard door, I thought, kittens don't open cupboard doors and so decided to go downstairs and make sure everything was ok. Well everything was not ok, we had been burgled. The kittens were in the living room, the TV was gone and the patio door was open. All wrong things. Fortunately the kittens were ok and the burgerlers were gone (I heard a car leaving when I got dowstairs) so other than the initial swearing and 'shock' no one was hurt.

I shouted for B, my handbag was missing so I went to confirm that the car I heard going was mine, which it was and then we called the Police. Over the first few minutes we worked out that my car, both laptops, the TV, my handbag (inc phone, wallet, keys, satnav, diary etc) B's camera and B's laptop bag were missing. It could have been worse as I disturbed them before they got round the whole of the kitchen but it was bad enough.

I had been off work the Monday and Tuesday due to a migraine and then didn't go in on the Wednesday due to having no transport. Needless to say being burgled has done nothing for my sleep patterns, stress levels or symptoms.... Having said that things are sorting themselves out now. I was sleeping better, I guess I'm now not due to having more people in the house at the moment and I have had my car back and have already part exchanged it for a used automatic astra. It's very nice, 7 months old, very easy to drive!!

The home isurance cogs are also turning slowly we may get our stuff replaced eventually!!

I think I'll leave that as chapter one of this last month and I'll try and add another short chapter tomorrow.

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Anne said...

Oh Victoria! How awful....bad enough to be burgled, but when you are IN the house and sleeping! That is terrible.

I hope your insurance company can reimburse you soon and that you take new precautions so the burglars don't come back to get the new stuff! Time to install a home security system. I know it is "after the fact" but it is better to be prepared for any possible "next time."

Sorry to read about your symptoms but I guess that is to be expected because of the stress of being burgled and replacing items. I think I would become a light sleeper for a while.

Did any doors or windows get broken or did they pick the locks? They must have been realllllly quiet. Just think, if the kitties were puppies, you might have heard a bark or two.

You can buy a motion sensor that is a statue of a dog (the bigger the better) and set it for when you are going to sleep. Anytime anything or anyone passes by it during your sleep time, it barks like crazy. Cheaper than a WHOLE house system, but just as effective.

I myself would rather have the real dog, who could inflict some serious damage on the burglars!! LOL

Oh, do take care of yourself. I hope the wedding plans are coming along ok too.