Friday, 21 November 2008

Kittens update

Ok, so I didn't manage yesterday but Friday isn't bad going!! So after all of the initial burglary stuff I realised that Pepsi, our female kitten wasn't very well. She had become very quiet, withdrawn, had weepy eyes and was sneezing. To cut a story short we took her to the vets and were told she had Chlamydia....... Off we trot with anti-biotics and instructions to take her back the next week, earlier if needed and keep an eye on Whisky. Well Whisky started to get symptoms over the weekend so B took them both in on the Mon and we then had anti-biotics for both of them......this also meant we had to delay their second round of vaccinations for a week. They both seem fine now and are growing into lovely (destructive) little cats!!

As for me I had a meeting with my rehab consultant and my manager to discuss reducing my hours slightly. This was done about 5 weeks ago and I am now working 6 hours a day instead of 8 to give me the chance to get home, get some light exercise, have a nap and then maybe cook dinner or tidy something as I really hadn't done anything in ages. Although I am finding that I am managing better because of the shorter days I don't think I feel better for it yet but I think that may be something to do with having a low mood, being anxious and not sleeping properly.

On that track I decided to give in and go to my GP and ask for help. I am having counselling through the MS Therapy Centre which she thought was really good but she agreed that I could do with something else so I am now on Amitriptyline. This should work as a four in one drug for me helping lift my mood, helping me sleep, doing something to my bladder and helping with the nerve pain in my bum and legs. All round good stuff!!

More to follow!!

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Anne said...

I'm glad things are looking up for you. I'm sending good wishes your way.