Thursday, 17 March 2011

Intermittent symptoms

As a general rule I don't have a lot in the way on ongoing symptoms, in fact most of the residual symptoms I have I don't notice on a day to day basis because I have had them for long enough it is 'normal'. For instance I am pretty sure that your hands, feet and lower legs aren't supposed to mildly tingle all the time, but I only notice when I am thinking about it.

My query today is, are those little aches and pains related to MS or does everyone get them? On a couple of occasions now I have been driving home from work and developed an uncomfortable ache in my left leg which remained when I got out of the car and until I eventually fell asleep (with the help of amitriptyline) - I am assuming this is a neurological ache as it's not quite pain. I also get pains in my hands from time to time and some transient numbness on my torso. I tend to put these things down to MS but are they just a normal process of wear and tear - I know 30 isn't old but it is still 30 years of use!

On the subject of being 30, I am trying to think of a birthday present list. I need a new alarm clock so that's on there. I think I will also add 'fire pit' so B and I can stay outside later in the summer - always wanted one of those.

On the migraine front, a couple of days after my Coke Zero post I had a migraine. 2am following half a bottle of red wine - I am blaming it on the red wine and will now reduce my intake on any one evening....... :0(

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