Sunday, 20 March 2011


We had a new cat dropped off on Thursday. At this stage I don't even know what sex this cat is due to the fact it is absolutely petrified..... I have stroked it and scratched under the chin but you can see it physically shaking most of the time. My gut feeling is that it is a male and I have been putting off naming it but I think Sootie works for male or female so I think I am going to go with that!

One of the welfare officers came round with a microchip scanner on Saturday and it has no chip. I gave it a flea spot on as well - guessing from the scratching that fleas were present.....

Sootie had been sleeping in someone's living room over night for about 3 months but was not getting on with one of their cats. Given the state of the cat I think it's probably a good thing they brought it in (had to trap it) - a little underweight but I think possibly a flea allergy or other skin condition. So it will be off to the vets next week for an 'MOT'.

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