Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beer Festival

It's been a busy few days despite having the week off! We have started on the vegetable patch, done some other gardening, worked at the 17th Reading CAMRA Beer Festival, drunk at the same beer festival and headed off for more work at the beer festival last night! I have to say Friday was a cabbage day. I got up reasonably early having woken and proceeded to sit on the sofa the vast majority of the day, I also went to bed early having been sat up in bed waiting for my reflux to settle down...... Eventually I woke B as I know he has tablets to help that and 30 minutes later I was able to lie down again, ah well, combination of beer and curry Thursday evening....

Last night was really good. We signed up at short notice and we were asked to Steward. I said yes to the whole session and B agreed to half and half, 2 hours Stewarding and 2 hours beer bar - you can't drink the beer while you are a Steward..... I was almost regretting my decision as I wasn't working with B and I wouldn't be able to drink beer but by the end I had had a really good time, been told I was a natural and then had a beer afterwards!

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