Monday, 8 August 2011

Kittens and Beer

How useless am I?? I didn't realise that it has been well over a month since I wrote. I think it's being married that does it, I don't get huge amounts of time to myself to blog any more....

Maia and Orion have now been with us 6 weeks, making them around 15 weeks old. They are little terrors - I had forgotten how destructive kittens are! The net curtain is no longer at the front window, photo frames are either broken or on the floor and there is litter everywhere. On the plus side there has been no real agro with Pepsi. There was hissing and a little boxing of ears but on the whole things have gone well so far!

We have just got back from our annual visit to the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival. We worked Thursday, drank Friday and worked Saturday. We worked behind beer bar W1 both days and had a good time - not huge amounts of time for beer drinking, unlike Reading where you can keep a beer ready to swig from under the bar..... Still, well worth volunteering - free entry to 1 session, discounted beer vouchers and staff t-shirts! They also pay up to £30 per person towards accommodation which was £28 / night at the Etap Hotel in Houslow - bargain!!

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