Saturday, 13 August 2011

New arrivals!

So, on Sunday the day after we got back from the beer festival I had an email letting me know my pen was needed for another cat. I got straight back to the Welfare Officer and said no problem, it was ready and waiting to go. The information I had was that a 2-3 year old pregnant female, due in approx 1 week needed to come in - very exciting!

The people who had been feeding the cat for some time, and had already dealt with 1 litter of kittens, couldn't continue to have her around as the dog didn't like her and the family found keeping the dog, cat and kittens separate quite stressful. On the Monday the Welfare Officer gave me the contact details and we arranged for the lady to bring the cat round that evening. Well, Scarlett didn't go back for food until quite late and it wasn't until Tuesday that I had the call to say that the family had her. I called back to say I was in and they could bring her round and I was told that she was in labour....! A mad dash followed and she was with me 30 mins or so later!

Scarlett was panting but settled down and didn't seem about to pop which was reassuring. Over the next day she didn't eat and didn't do a lot so I guessed she was near to popping and when we got back from the pub Wednesday night I heard pitiful squeaking - there was a kitten! I stuck my head in and saw a little black and white kitten all on its own and Scarlett not really interested. I moved the kitten and then left them to it. When I went back later I realised there was more than 1 kitten, maybe 2 or 3 but as it was dark and they were dark I didn't know for sure.

The next morning when I went down to inspect there were 5 kittens, all looking like they were doing well and Scarlett eating for all 5 of them!

So we have a Scarlett O'Hara theme going on for 4 of the temporary names:
Rhett (boy, black)
Ella (girl, black)
Bonnie (girl, tabbly/white)
Katie (girl, black/white)

and Wispa (boy, chocolate brown)

I have to say that I was slightly nervous about having a pregnant cat and the cat giving birth but it all went smoothly and she needed no help at all! It's such a privilege to be involved with these kittens from the very beginning!

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