Tuesday, 1 January 2008



Its just about New Years Day still and I don't seem to be able to sleep..... Didn't get to bed till 03:30 this morning and then listened to B snore for an hour before I kicked him out of bed (yes I do feel guilty but needs must and he can sleep anywhere). I then crawled out of bed (hangover free due to great restraint) around 11:00 following a broken mornings sleep. I have been half asleep all day, but now, 2 hours after going to bed I am still awake, wide awake in fact...... I now have a small glass of red wine to drink - I usually start nodding off after red.

I have pain in my right hand which is annoying and not helping with the sleeping. I have had it the last few nights and occasionally during the day. Seems to be when I have been doing something - like now, typing seems to bring it on a bit. I guess it is dull nerve pain and it seems to calm down if I relax my hand.

I should be meeting with my MS Nurse sometime this month, I hope I am anyway. Things are still running on, I am still off the road and getting very frustrated. I am worrying about when the right time to go back to work will be. I think my legs are getting there but my hands aren't right, slightly weak, painful and drop small or fiddly things - I think I'll wait!!

Not back to the office tomorrow though, have a bit more leave. Looking forward to having the day to myself, going to potter and organise my car as I need new brake discs (MOT due).

I am now going to give sleeping another go and hope my bladder decides what it wants to do, to pee or not to pee, that is the question.......hmmm.......


mdmhvonpa said...

It was hard for me to get any sleep on the first day of the year as well. Just because the damn bed was spinning!

Anne said...

Happy New Year, Victoria.