Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Good News!

I am writing this on Tues for posting either at the weekend or Mon as I need to be sure certain people don't read it.
B asked me to marry him on the 5th January! We had been out for dinner to celebrate knowing each other for a year, afterwards we were snuggling on the sofa with wine and he asked me, I obviously said yes! We went shopping for the ring the next day, its not as expensive as its supposed to be (according to whatever % of the blokes salary it is supposed to be) but I think it is lovely.

We went round to Mum and Dads as soon as the ring arrived a week later and we went up to Brid, planned visit, this weekend to tell B's parents. So all the family have been told and most of my important friends, just B's friends to tell now! Its so much more real when you start telling people, and obviously when you get the ring on your finger! So far I have a few places to visit and would really like to get a venue booked as we are looking at May 2009 for a date which will apparently get booked up quick!

As for other things, our trip to Bridlington was good, although I wasn't very well on the way up there and we hit a queue a bit after J28 of the M1 so after a couple of mad dashes for the loo we decided that staying in a hotel was the best plan so we went back to one we had seen and set up camp for the night. I didn't get much sleep over the next couple of nights and as a result I am feeling shattered and have had headache after headache, hence why I left work at 1pm today and still have a horrible headache.

My symptoms are worse - L'Hermittes is reaching new levels of annoyance......... Still when I don't have a headache things aren't too bad. Although having never worn a ring before my ring finger feels very very strange, made worse by the fact I can't feel my hands properly still! Good strange though!!

I think thats about it for today (Tues 22nd by the way), oh saw my MS Nurse last week, nothing much to report, carry on as normal for now, oh the joys of MS!



Congratulations Victoria!!
Enjoy being engaged.

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Anne said...

OOOO how exciting!!! Congratulations Victoria.

This is the nice period of time to enjoy - telling everybody. Next comes the planning and the ceremony - and then you are on to another nice period of time to enjoy - Married Life!

Great News!