Friday, 4 January 2008

Carnival of MS bloggers!

Yesterday the first issue of the the MS bloggers carnival was released! I was sent a message before Christmas and submitted a piece myself, I feel like a proper blogger now!!

Anyway, the link to the carnival is down the left side of this blog, please go and have a look. There are posts by all sorts of people about all sorts of things relating to MS. I have submitted my first post with a note at the end, B thought it was a good one and I agreed.

This is my second day back at work after the Christmas and New Year period and I am tired but doing ok. I need to be better and get to bed earlier as the only reason I am tired is that I didn't get much sleep Wednesday night - too much thinking going on I guess......

I had better get and do some work, been here an hour an not achieved anything!!

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