Thursday, 18 September 2008

Fancy Goldfish

Apparently algae eater fish suck on the tails of fancy goldfish! We therefore don't have any algae eaters in the new tank as our new goldfish are fancy. Shame really... Anyway, the tank water looks terrible. Its strange (and life really) but the tank that just got thrown back together when it was moved is clear as a bell, looks great. The tank which has been set up properly with all the right chemicals and waiting time before fish looks terrible....... Oh well, I'll change over some of the water tomorrow and see how they go.

Got my first Getting to Grips with MS session tonight. Not sure what to expect so will let you know.

Work is going well, they gave the trainee (me) a Premier customer to look after........still if I pull it off it'll look good!!

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Look into getting some small snails for the tank. They will be happy to eat the algae of the walls and bottom while leaving the fish alone.

That's what I had in my tank growing up and they did their job. They also like to multiply easily too. : )