Saturday, 13 September 2008

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So following on from my last post I thought I would write a quick update.

I also wanted to thank Ann for her comments. I am a bit useless at asking for help as I like to do things myself but I am learning to!! B does do a lot around the house. I spend a lot of time watching him cook dinner and he has been cleaning out our hamster on his own recently - he is very good!!

I saw the counsellor on Wednesday. She was very nice. I wasn't sure what to say so she explained a bit about what she was there for and what she did and then I started and she basically guided me through talking about my worries and what had been going on in my mind recently. Amongst all the more trivial things I realised that leaving my job has had a big impact. The biggest problem being the thoughts of what might have been. This relapse has, I think, been the penny dropping time as well. I was waiting for the penny to drop when I was diagnosed and it didn't. I think it has, to an extent, now. We ended with me saying that I felt guilty for feeling sorry for myself as I wasn't bad with MS, I have a great fiance, family, friends and house and a reasonable job. She said it was ok to feel sorry for myself. Still not convinced but then that's me, that will always be me. I am however feeling much better in myself.

As for the wedding. The invites have arrived. Mum and Dad have some of the Save the date cards to send and I will be gathering all the oustanding addresses and handing all of them and the day and evening invitations over to Mum and Dad for them to organise. I have delegated the label organising and printing to B as well!! I could get used to this!! For those wondering it is May 2009 so we have plenty of time to go yet!!!

Just as an aside I was having problems with algae in my fish tank. Have been since we moved so I thought well, lets get a new tank (£30) and a couple of algae eater fish and see how we get on. Well I got the new algae eater fish and put them in the old tank and then set the new tank up so it could mature a bit. Well I was staring at the old tank on Wednesday (5 days later) and realised I could see through it! The algae had more or less gone. Now a week later the tank is pristiene!! I would recommend them to anyone having an algae problem in a cold water tank. I got 2 algae eater fish and they are about an 3 cm long each. Amazing!!!! Its absolutely amazing. So we are planning some new fish for the new tank as we don't need to bin the old one!

I am also a happy bunny as my relapse appears to be settling (not quite go as far as to say getting better but..) already and it has only been 3 weeks since it started. I just hope it doesn't start roving round my body like they have in the past.


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