Sunday, 26 April 2009

Hen Party

I had my Hen do this weekend. Was really great. My bridesmaid, T, did a great job organising it and we all had a great time. I attempted to drink a sensible amount in order to feel fine this morning but I obviously was not careful enough and felt terrible this morning after being woken up with a horrible headache. I took a triptan over my small breakfast and that got rid of the headache but my tummy still feels terrible and I am having hot flushes.......

We had a lovely day at St Anne's Manor, I had a facial and then sat in a jaccuzi for longer than I should have! Everyone else had a treatment and spent time relaxing. We then had dinner booked for 8pm - 3 course buffet. I was wearing a mini tiara and viel and flashing sash saying 'bride to be'! I was just what I wanted as a hen do, family and friends around me, relaxing, great!

I picked up B's Mum from the station Friday evening and we had a nice dinner and evening chatting. I took her back this afternoon and I was pleased at how well we managed!

Oh, almost forgot, when I got back from work Friday the doorbell rang and it was one of my neighbours asking if he could come in and rod the drains as they were backing up - nice. I of course let them get on with it and apparently they managed to do a reasonable job of getting it flowing again.

I happened to mention the cards we had been receiving for W and S, the husband and son in the family we bought the house from and that I thought something had happened to L, the wife, as nothing had her name on it. Apparently she had cancer when she was younger which was cleared, however she was diagnosed as having lung cancer which then moved to her brain, she died within 9 months, 10 months or so after they moved. She was 41, mother and wife, so very sad.

I am now sat on the sofa debating bed...... Very tired and feeling icky......

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