Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Not long to go......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the title suggests we are now rushing very quickly towards our wedding date and associated honeymoon. It's all very exciting, well I think it is supposed to be anyway. I don't feel overly excited yet. Maybe it's all the planning and the 'will everything go to plan' thoughts. I am not sure I actually believe it is happening, although my bank balance certainly does......

I have had my hair and make up trials and had my nails done, all in one week - unsurprisingly enough it was a week of rushing from one thing to another. I am still having the first 15 of my Oxygen session which has made it hard to fit it all in, but I am also feeling better for it (I think, who knows..). I have officially stopped the accupuncture. I haven't had it for 2 odd weeks and have felt fine. I think all the improvements I was having were correcting things that had got worse the week before and could be put down to anything..... It is however one less thing to fit into my week, which is a relief.

The Oxygen Therapy is going well, I have had 9 sessions and feel fine throughout and afterwards, even with working half days beforehand. I am hoping to continue with it but will obviously have to have a discussion with work about the time off to do it......

The kittens are still idiots. Pepsi is now getting to be bigger than Whisky but then she does take after her father who was a big, sturdy looking black and white cat, Whisky takes after his mother who is a petite, mainly black cat. He is still a numpty but at least we can now get him off the flat roof without having to use the recycle bin as a lift.

MS wise - my fingers are crossed, I am touching wood and generally pleading with my body to behave as it is now - sensibly!!

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Anne said...

Very much good luck to you. I will be on vacation for a while but my thoughts are with you.