Wednesday, 12 August 2009


My arse and various other bits below the waist are now numb. I am therefore not bucking the trent for August relapses, therefore, ****ARSE**** I have been touching wood and everything, not fair.....

I am a little annoyed to say the least. The numbness itself actually isn't that bad, it is worse around the top of my thighs, my bumb and genitals which means that although I am a little more unsteady than before when I stand up and if I change direction / don't pay attention to where I am going, I am ok when wondering around at work.

**ALERT - Don't read on if you would rather not read about peeing and pooing...**

My problem is really when going to the toilet. I know when I need to pee, and I am able to pee, I just can't feel it, I know when I have started and finished as the noise stops! I can't remember when I last felt like I needed a poo though. I have been but can't feel much when I push to poo and can't feel it coming out, which also means I can't tell if it is all gone.....sorry, not want you want to be reading about, but I did warn you!

I am also finding that there is a little leakage of both, nothing I can't cope with, but all the same, I'd rather not have leakage...!

On the basis of these slight hurdles I have decided taking a tablet which makes my poo softer and fatty is a bad plan so I have stopped the Alli. I do plan to keep up with the healthy eating though. I have been a bit naughty the last few days as I am feeling a bit sorry for myself, but will snap myself out of it soon - I haven't got much to complain about!

On a different tack, some friends of ours recently had their first baby - a girl. Now I may have mentioned I am not a fan of children, friends, family, ones I don't know..... it seems at the moment there is going to be no way of avoiding them! A few of B's friends are still waiting to pop, a few of mine are also waiting to pop, ex colleagues as well. Now I am really pleased for all of them, and very pleased that so far no one has had any problems, but really, was there something in the water 9 months ago!!??!

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Maggie said...

Hi V
Been reading for a while, don't think I've commented yet though.
Really sorry to hear about your August relapse. Big time sucky!
Are you going to be taking steroids for the relapse? I would if I was you. I have had 20 odd relapses already (at least) I would do anything to go back in time and have some of them treated earlier to avoid the damage that was done. Nowadays, I try and go a.s.a.p. Best of luck with whatever you decide, and I hope the relapse heals super quickly.