Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Normal service resumed

I can feel when I pee and poo!! It only took a week which is great! Obviously the feeling is not back to normal, that would be too much to ask, but I am very grateful to be able to feel my ablutions again!

My left arm has taken up the torch but it's not too bad. I can still type, drive and lift a pint with my left hand and arm so it's just a change in sensation at the moment, and has been so for a couple of days.

I still don't have a yeay or nay on whether I have a UTI. My sample was sent to the hospital and I was promised a call on Monday, I will call them tomorrow....... I am still going for no UTI as I would hope I would know........met enough people with one.

I haven't contacted my MSN yet either, on the basis that I haven't got the UTI result and she will ask if I have one. I will still let her know, just for her file, I am hoping this will go away all on its tod and in double quick time!

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