Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rain, rain, rain....

Well, it seems to be raining, this is nothing new however, it seems to have been raining most days for some time now, so much for the summer time! Still we had a couple of weeks of sunshine......

I have to say I have very little to report. Weight, well I haven't lost any recently but I survived 4 curries and a chinese with no weight gain so I think my general day to day eating is going well. I have also had no extra side effects from the Alli, so as far as I am concerned things are going well. Just need to get my head down now and get some more off.

I have been on Propanolol for a couple of weeks now. I had a migraine last weekend but only the one. I started taking the higher dose this morning. I am guessing I will get a reoccurence of the symptoms I had at the beginning - exercise intolerance and a lowered heart rate (well the one causes the other). I had to go to the GP to have a check up before going on to the higher dose and she was really nice. However, as seems to be the way with me and GPs she is leaving at the end of August. Never see a GP more than once before they leave - usually locums though.

Oh, we bought a Nintendo Wii today! Got a Wii fit as well so I should hopefully be doing more exercise..!!

Another oh, we bought our corner cabinet and a new dining room table last week. We need a new cabinet for the living room and we bought a display cabinet for our new glasses - thanks to everyone for our wedding present vouchers!

Obsolutely nothing on the MS front - just the way I like it. I am getting a little nervous now, mid August in 2008 and 2007 but I am hoping to buck the trend again this year! Touching wood on a regular basis however.....!

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