Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cindy and Thelma

This is Thelma, she is approximately 4 months old but is diddy for her age (1.8kg). A real sweetie who now accepts cuddles and tummy tickling!

This is Cindy, she is approximately 1 year old and has a stumpy tail. She is lovely, always wants attention and loves a good stroke!

Cats Protection - Reading East, Wokingham and Bracknell always have cats that need a good home so go and have a look if you are in the area and thinking of getting a cat!

It's been a shock going back to looking after a kitten, and indoor cats. We have lots of wet food - which is messy - very pleased we moved onto dry food, and the litter. We are supplied with wood pellet non clumping litter by Cats Protection. I have to say I prefer clumping litter - we use World's Best for our tray - and I am struggling a little with how to use the wood pellet. On my third way of using it I think I have my preferred method. Put a thin layer of wood pellets (cm or so) on the bottom, remove waste and wood shavings as required and top up. Seem to use a lot less this way!

My other news is that my department have just been through a redundancy process. There are 30 of us at the Basingstoke site and 7 jobs needed to go. 1 person had just resigned and 1 person accepted a job in her secondment position so that meant 5 roles to go. We were told 2 weeks ago and had our first meetings. We have since been waiting for the result. Needless to say this period has been ever so slightly stressful and my MS hasn't settled down since it flared at the end of my cold - I am blaming that on the redundancy risk....... May or may not be a relapse, I will have to wait and see.

Anyway, the end of the story was that I am still in my job - relief. Unfortunately I was one of the last to be told (alphabetical by 1st name) and by the time I was called in I had pretty much decided I would be the 5th redundant role as 4 had already gone. It was a horrible feeling, yes the money would have been nice but having to get a new job, and quickly, scared me. I cried when I was told, which made my manager cry. I then pulled myself together before crying some more, and so on. I am assuming I was much more stressed about it than I thought I was..... Not the money side but the trying to find a job with MS in the background bit.... In the end I was told I could go home and did as I was not capable of doing any work and was spending my time trying not to cry. I felt really bad as there were people who lost their jobs (who had already gone on gardening leave) who hadn't been as emotional as me. I really don't know what happened..... Still, that bit is over now, just have the fall out next week and the rest of the changes to look forward to!

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