Monday, 22 March 2010

The wagon / House guests

So my temporary grip on the wagon Thursday morning lasted until Thursday evening....... All in all this week has been a total loss in terms of eating - have layered Viennese Whirls and Chips up over the last few days.... Well, may as well do a proper job of it.......!! I have managed to stick to it today so far. I have had a half tin of tuna with some paracetamol as I have my usual Cambridge headache. It could also be the cheesecake I had Saturday and Sunday evenings..... You get the idea!

The other exciting news is that we have our first house guests - Thelma and Cindy. Thelma and Cindy are rescue cats from Cats Protection who need new homes as their owner moved and couldn't take them. Thelma and Cindy lived with 9 other cats and had already spent some time with another fosterer before coming to us.

Cindy is around 1 year old, is all black apart from little white socks and has a little tail. Thelma is around 4 months and is black and white - very like Whisky, our male cat. The reason we now have Thelma and Cindy is that Thelma needs a bit more TLC and socialising than her previous house mates. She is a real cutie and you can see that she really wants to play - she is just too scared to at the moment. We have only had her in the house since Sunday afternoon but she is already getting braver and also very vocal! Cindy can be timid but enjoys a good stroke and has already decided our bed is very comfortable! Cindy and Thelma seem to get on very well even though they aren't sisters and are keeping each other company during the day.

Photo's to follow at some point!

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