Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Where has the wagon gone....?

It seems I have fallen off of the wagon...... I have just had enough of this diet at the moment. I have 'eaten' nothing but Cambridge Weight Plan meals for nearly 5 months, give or take the odd meal, and I have had enough. Bored, want to chose food again, want to eat crap again. So I have. I am feeling quite good at the moment, but I am sure I will be disappointed later.

B and I had a really nice dinner Saturday night for his birthday and since then, well I haven't eaten loads, but I have had a few biscuits and a can of coke zero. Today I went to Waitrose for stock cubes and bought a small Galaxy bar, packet of kettle chips and a blueberry muffin - all of which I have consumed - and I also have a couple of beers. Definitely off of the wagon! I am going to attempt to get back on it again tomorrow but with a tweek up to the SS+/810 calorie plans as I am loosing the will to stick to it so I can cope with slightly slower weight loss and slightly more food!!

So what else in my world. I had a cold last week, unusually it lasted Monday to Friday rather than going over a weekend. Since my cold got better my legs have become gradually more numb, it started in both of my lower legs and has moved upwards. My right leg is now worse and feels stiff, just without the stiff pain. My left leg is ok, just altered sensation (ok, more altered than usual) and it has now moved up to the left side of my torso as well. My bum etc is also a bit more numb than usual, as appears to be the way...... Alongside the increased numbness/change in sensation I am feeling more tired - I guess it is more than normal tiredness as I am feeling pretty rough in the mornings again.

I am just hoping it is because of my cold and is just an exacerbation rather than an actual relapse. It may all be sensory but it is still really f**&^%g annoying!!

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