Sunday, 9 March 2008

The end of my annual leave.......

I have been on annual leave this week. My last week of the year as we have an April to March financial and leave year. I have had a nice enough week. I had no big plans. Caught up with a friend from work on Monday and caught up with my Dad on Wednesday. I also did a 4 mile walk in 55 minutes on Wednesday with my Dad and then felt very rough most of the day on Thursday. I think I brought that on myself........

I did some packing up here at my place ready for moving and have been harassing the people involved in the sales of both my and B's place. They are all going to hate me by the end of this!!

So Thursday and Friday were days for vegetating, which I did. The week has just gone so quickly!

I think I am finally at the end of my fourth and longest relapse, 6 months. I have a few bits left over but they will either clear up or they won't. None of them are a big problem. My hands haven't returned to normal nor has my left eye - although its not far off. My legs are the same as they were after the last relapse so I am pretty pleased with that! I am really hoping my Neuro gets back to my Occi Health people sometime soon though, I would really like to get things moving with that.....

So the house moving, that has been interesting. We were advised to put B's place back on the market last weekend which we did and the Sales person rang the chap that had previously been interested. He came round with his sisters in law to have a look around. They put in a low offer on Monday and after a lot of negotiation we got the price to a reasonable level and accepted the offer on Tuesday. We were told that the previous buyer was having trouble getting a mortgage and was probably stringing us along with the booking for surveyors so it was decided a new buyer was the best course. I contacted our vendors on the Wednesday, needless to say she was not happy but thanked me for letting her know as Woodleys hadn't. From the sound of it she gave Woodleys a bit of a roasting about that! Everyone seems to think that it will be possible to exchange by the end of the month so fingers crossed!

Finally the wedding. I have booked the photographer and have contacted the disco so things are moving on. I need to contact a hair dresser but I think that can be done at my leisure. Not sure who to use really, I need someone in Newbury and I have no idea! I will ring the people Newbury Manor have suggested and see what they say.

I have to say there is sooo much going on at the moment, its been soooo nice to have a week to myself. I thought I'd end up with B at home with me this week as he caught my cold and is more inclined to take a couple of days sick to recover than I am! Still he was a brave man and struggled through! Week to myself during the day - bliss!

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Jim said...

Hi... welcome to MS community of bloggers.

My son had a wedding a few weeks ago.

Nice blog and looking forward to future visiting to your blog.

Fellow MS blogger, Jim