Monday, 31 March 2008

Proud of myself!

Two things really. I survived moving lots of furniture to the tip and between houses on Saturday which, although I didn't do any real heavy lifting I did do a bit of fetching and carrying and drove a rather large van!!

Secondly on Sunday I cooked a roast! My first ever roast!!! I have cooked roast potatoes before but never the whole thing and the potatoes turned out better than before - just like my Mums! I think the chicken needed turning around and cooking for a bit longer because one side was perfectly cooked but the other wasn't! Never mind, I know for next time!

Also made gravy from the chicken juices, bread sauce from a packet and put some prepared veg in to roast as well. All very good and enjoyed with a glass of white wine!!

I know its not much but I was really chuffed!!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Excellent!!!! And I hope you got rave reviews from your dinner guest (s).