Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Weight watchers week 5

Good morning all, it is the 1st of April already, how did that happen........

I lost the weight I put on last week! So all square again, which I am really pleased about. Thats 3lb off. I can admit to it now I have lost it again!!

I went to see my Occupational Health Department yesterday. Due to ongoing symptoms which have been left behind by my last relapse the Occupational Health Physision is recommended I am redeployed in the medium term, which apparently means 12 months. I'm not too bothered as I don't really want to go back anyway. I like working sensible hours and being able to have a life. He was very reassuring about getting a new job as well. Told me a bit about the process and what I was expected to disclose and what their Occi Health people should be doing. Apparently they shouldn't disclose an illness to the managers, they have to keep it to themselves!

Anyway, we have a new lady starting in the Office today so I ought to get things straightened up!

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"I like working sensible hours ..."