Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Weight Watchers Week 7

Having decided to go on Wednesday this week due to a few things I was a bit worried I hadn't done very well. I was wrong! I lost 3.5lb getting my first 'silver 7' and reaching the dizzying heights of 9lb lost! I thought the trousers I put on today felt a little looser.......

Other than that, the houses seem to be going well. Completion on my place is imminent, we exchanged last week - I will have money again!! B's should exchange sometime next week and complete sometime soon after fingers crossed.

I should be getting the new formulation of Rebif in my delivery next week. I have high hopes that it won't sting as much as the old one, especially, in my case, in my thigh. It is stinging as I type..... Bit late tonight on the stabbing. I forgot to get it out of the fridge this morning as I was on leave today (for reasons I will be able to explain at some point) so out of my routine and then forgot this evening, again routine and by the time I remembered to get it out of the fridge it was 8pm and I then had to leave it an hour.......still I have no plans for Friday so it doesn't matter if I do it late.

I am still well, coming to realise that I feel soooo much better when I don't drink alcohol the night before so it is really not worth it, but in general I am fine. Still have the same left over bits as before but its all ok.

Oh and I have an appointment with HR and my manager in a couple of weeks to discuss the Occi Health report......should be fun!

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