Monday, 21 April 2008


Some good news! I have completed on my house - I am a little sad about that but also very pleased. I have been paying for it for a long time, and having to look after it and live there part time when I could have just moved in with B properly and saved a lot of money!

We also exchanged on the chain involving B's place so are all ready and raring to go for completion (date to be advised once we have moved) so its all go. The movers are booked - I will review them after the fact just in case any of my lovely readers need movers in the area and will review the estate agents and solicitors involved as well - just for something to do - it won't be in depth!

I have a headache today - I think it may be stress related, or the come down from stress anyway, combined with a bottled beer. It seems I can drink real ale from a proper barrel (not nitrokeg) without getting a headache but not from a bottle. I can also drink red wine in relative safety.......its not fair, I don't like being restricted on alcohol choice........

I am now vegetating on the sofa watching the snooker - I think I am set for the afternoon/evening!!

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mdmhvonpa said...

Congrats! Monday headaches ... seems to be a trend these days.