Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Weight Watchers week 3

Good morning all. Well I weighed in at one pound less last night. Not bad considering I ate out three times. I met a friend for dinner Wednesday and had grilled Seabass and then the weekend was B's Birthday so I took him out for dinner Friday evening and we went out and watched the rugby Saturday and then had a curry.


On Friday night I took B to a new 'Gastro pub' on the Peacock Farm development in Bracknell, called Peacock Farm strangely enough. It serves Badgers beer and the meals we had were very good. You can search for Hall and Woodhouse Pubs via the link above (one day I will find out how to do pretty links). I would thoroughly recommend eating and drinking at Peacock Farm, the food is good pub food and is reasonably priced and the beer is well kept (apparently) and very tasty (from experience!!). Two courses and drinks for two cost around £40. You must remember to book though. It is probably the fact that it is new but if you want lunch or dinner any day of the week you have to book.

I seem to be stable with the MS symptoms at the moment. I occasionally get slight worsening, usually when I am tired (like now) and am feeling like my legs are really struggling to get my body up stairs. Having said that a combination of MS, weight and lack of exercise are probably causing that.......

I have an annual review appointment in June, sent through by the hospital with no prompting from me! I gues my MS Nurse may have had something to do with it but I am so pleased I am under a Neurology Department that seems to get things done. Oh another MS related thing, I had a letter cc'd to me by my Neuro and it seems that my liver enzymes (guessing its them) have risen slightly. I have to have an extra blood test in a month to check on them and I am hoping its just a blip and they stay put or go down again. I know it is a side effect of Rebif and apparently fairly common at that but I am a little concerned because I am getting on well with Rebif and would prefer not to change.

Still we shall see.......


squiffy said...


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Hi, I apologize for the 'form' letter but it is the easiest way to pass word most quickly.

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