Monday, 9 March 2009

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I had my first session today. Don't feel any different, but then I thought I was getting a migraine this morning and it didn't materialise! It was a strange experience but it wasn't a bad one. I got a bit bored, will take sudoku and my MP3 player tomorrow as I found it really difficult to concentrate on a book. MP3 players are the only pieces of electronics that can go into the chamber, even had to take my watch off.

First of all they got be sorted - as a newbie they settled me in and showed me what to do with the mask, then everyone else filtered in and they closed the door. We went down quite slowly to half way, one of the ladies ear's hurt so we went back up a bit, then went down again to the full depth planned. My ears were very well behaved. The left ear, as usual, was a little slower to clear than the right but was much better than I thought it would be. Can't say I am looking forward to having 15 sessions over the next few weeks but hopefully it will be worth it.

Afterwards I met A, a friend from 'old' work, for lunch. It was really great to catch up with her, and I also got all the goss from work. Needless to say she advised me of a huge scandel and also said how horribly busy they always were and how bad morale is. I am realising I am better out of it at the moment! Still miss the people though. I am meeting another friend from 'old' work this week and am really looking forward to it.

I am also fitting in 2 accupuncture sessions and a visit to my GP this week.....

I started my day in Bride to Be having my first dress fitting. I is having to have quite a lot done to it, taking in the bust and taking it up. The dress has a lot of detail which will take them some time to do and is therefore costing quite a bit.... It has to be done so there is no point in worrying about the price..!!!!!! I looked great once she had pinned it up and my necklace really helps with the fact it is strapless and I now don't think I need straps, which is an extra cost averted!

Mum will need to come with me for my second fitting so she can learn how to do it up. I hope she likes it in the different colour.

Oh, forgot to mention that I will need to find some chicken fillets to fill out the bust a bit more....

Other wise things are going well, Mum has organised the favours and the make-up and we had our menu tasting last night. We have decided on a menu but the chef wasn't told (by the wedding planner) about my lactose intolerance so as yet I haven't tasted a pudding.... I was very disappointed but it wasn't their fault. They are going to make me a tarte tatin of some description, which I like!

Health wise I am not doing badly at the moment! General tiredness but nothing horrendous and am doing quite well in terms of symtoms and migraines. I had a migraine on Thursday, but hadn't had one since Wednesday the week before and, touch wood, have not had one since. And MS symptoms remain the normal background ones, I am pretty pleased!!

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