Saturday, 28 March 2009

Mice anatomy

So I still have the remnants of a cold, so have not been to oxygen therapy yet. I will have to redo a couple of sessions I had previously done which means I have to ask for a couple more half days from work..... The best laid plans and all that....

I am still having accupuncture which I am still sat on the fence about. I have had improvements in my migraines, my bladder function and my general level of tiredness but then I have had a cold and have been feeling generally grotty recently. Every improvment or otherwise I can put down to something other than the accupunture. I will keep it going until the honeymoon and see what happens.

I have also been given a pendant which is supposed to help with migraine but have yet to find a chain for it - must do that.....

Not sure if I have mentioned the mice, had a quick look back and can't see so I will do so now! We have, so far, binned around 13 mice. Initially we found about 5 in the kitchen one day, killed by the cats. We then started hearing noises in the loft so put 2 traps up there to see what happened. Over the course of around 4 weeks we have had about 6 mice, most of which seemed to have been killed outright by the traps. I have recently found a couple of corpses in the kitchen when I have got up in the morning, these corpses have comprised of head, spine, tail and intestines......really nice for first thing in the morning.... On the plus side B saved a mouse from Whisky Thursday night and let it go outside the fence. Apparently Whisky was growling at B for trying to take the mouse off him and Pepsi was hissing at Whisky as she wanted her turn to play.......

I have just decided on the piece of music I am going to walk down the aisle to - Alexander Glazunov's Concerto in E flat for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra. The first 30 seconds is strings and then the sax soloist starts. 1 down, now only the rest of the day music to sort....!

We are getting lots of acceptances for the wedding, the rsvp date is the 1st April so we'll start to ask people if they are coming or not at the end of the week. There are a few people who I am guessing have assumed we know they are coming, which is probably fair enough but I am going to check just to be sure!

It's coming up sooooo quickly!!!!

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