Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pissed off

I am supposed to be going to High Dose Oxgen Treatment (as the MS Therapy Centre calls it) today but I woke with pain in my tummy and the associated unpredictable bowels..... I decided that being locked in a sealed chamber under pressure with no quick escape route was a bad plan, not to mention the possibility of passing it on to someone else if it is a virus. I have also cancelled my meeting with the second ex colleague of mine. Very disappointed and pissed off.....

On the plus side, oh, no wait, there is not a plus side. Time to feel sorry for ones self.....!

We wormed the kittens last night. Needles to say it was stressful for all involved and vast quantities of treats were used as a bride so as to be forgiven..... The new tablets we've got are bigger than the ones from the vets, they are cheaper, but it's not worth it..... They ate the tablets in food last time, they weren't interested this time. They learn quick when they want to!

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